Submit an Event

Who can submit events?

  • Official MU departments, schools, centers, organizations, and programs may submit events
  • ORG recognized student organizations in good standing may submit events

Event Requirements

  • Event must be submitted a minimum of 3 days prior to the event date
  • Event must be Date and time specific
  • Event must be open to ALL MU students
  • Events must include an organization’s/department’s email address or phone number for general information
  • Event must follow all guidelines as stated by the M-Book

What is not allowed?

  • No meetings or consultations with the exception of the 1st occurrence each semester
  • Commercial solicitation on behalf of outside entities will not be included
  • Events advertising alcohol, drugs, and any illegal activities will not be included
  • Reminders for events should not be posted as events on the calendar
  • Including a student’s or staff’s personal phone number or email address

Events images on the Calendar

  • Image must be either a .GIF, .PNG,  or a .JPG
  • Maximum file size should not exceed 80K

Please Note

  • Submission does not guarantee that an event will be approved
  • We reserve the right to approve, reject or make special considerations for any event submitted
  • Events will be reviewed within 2 business days of submission

Notifications to Submitters

  • When an event has been submitted
  • When an event has been approved
  • When an event has been denied

Tips for a Successful Posting on stufftodo

  • Submit event info at least 10 days prior to the event, so that there is time to review, approve, and post
  • Include pictures with your event.  As you can see above, once published on, events stand out more when there is a picture
  • It is the submitter’s responsibility to ensure that accurate information is provided and updated if event information changes
  • Edits may be submitted using the edit an event form

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Please email